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T-Shirt Specials for Texas Abortion Supporters

by Larry Johnson

I’ve often been struck by the fact that abortion supporters seem to exist in a state of unreality.  If I find their attitude and cause to be totally mind-bending, I don’t believe that it’s my perception that is warped.  It’s because they have slipped into a pro-choice masquerade, a fantasy that lets them pretend that a child is not a child and a murder is not a murder.  All one has to do, it seems, is to slip into a t-shirt with the right slogan on it  in order to enter  into the dimension we call the twilight zone.

A case in point is the newest Planned Parenthood rally and demonstration at the State Capitol in Texas.   Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, is gong to be there of course.  So is Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America.  And also State Senator Wendy Davis, she of the iconic and cool tennis shoes, who staged the 11-hour filibuster which fired up the pro-abortion bullies in the gallery and helped subvert the democratic legislative process.  They are all coming together in round two of their fight against a 20-week abortion ban and other restrictions on abortion facilities that are aimed at closing a majority of such clinics in Texas.  They  are all coming together like blackbirds hovering around death, a “murder of crows.”

And joining them is a roster of celebrity women.  On the Capitol steps you will see Natalie Maines, lead singer of the country group The Dixie Chicks.  Standing shoulder to shoulder with her will be actresses Lisa Edelstein of “House” and Stephanie March of “Law & Order SVU.”  And then there is Connie Britton, an actress on on the television shows “Friday Night Lights” and “Nashville.”

I personally have never seen  Britton work as an actress, but she is apparently famous for playing the character of Tami Taylor, wife of a Texas high school football coach on that hit show titled “Friday Night Lights.”  She has commissioned a “WWTTD?” t-shirt for the abortion cause.  The acronym stands for “What Would Tami Taylor Do?” and is an obvious take-off on the slogan from some years ago which asked “What Would Jesus Do?”  Britton says in a statement that “the character Tami On ‘Friday Night Lights’ is a Texas woman deeply committed to her community and to standing up for what is right for her neighbors and the people she loves.”

What?  Reflect on that for a moment.  An actress has called upon a fictional character, a made-up person who does not exist in reality, to lend credence the the cause of Planned Parenthood and the abortion movement.  And yet it all makes a weird kind of sense if you exist in another  dimension that allows you to call a pre-born baby a “clump of cells” or a “glob of tissue.”  It lets you refer to the brutality of abortion as “an issue of women’s health.”  And it allows you to simply pull on a WWTTD t-shirt, like another layer of fiction on top of that layer of unreality.   And, by the way, the t-shirt will be on sale to help support the cause.

I am very sure that it is the divine person of Jesus who truly is, even now, committed to his community, standing up and even being lifted up for what is right for his neighbors and the people he loves.

And so just who is it again that lives in the real world?


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