"our hearts were burning"

Forgive Them For What They Do?

by Larry Johnson

Today, in recognition of the recent pro-life victory in Austin, I’m re-posting a version of “Redemption,” one of my poems.  Just in the context of the passage of the legislation severely restricting abortions in Texas, we experienced an ungodly atmosphere of abortion-rights supporters pulling out all the stops.  They chanted, they screamed, they mouthed the mantra of “Hail, Satan!” They also tried to bring in jars of urine, bottles of excrement, tampons and sanitary pads stained with menstrual blood to throw down onto the legislators as they debated and tried to get to a vote.  This is only reflective of the brutal nature of abortion itself and the work of abortion doctors as mass murderers of the unborn.  In the face of all this, it is sometimes hard to remember that we, as Catholics and Christians and people of many faiths, are all called to forgive them for what they do.  What? Forgive them?  Yes, of course, because God can forgive them and give them peace if they open their hearts to it.  Yes, out of love because we have all sinned in one way or another and can find the way back home to grace.

“Redemption”:  A Poem

Doctor, you unravel me
in my mother’s womb.
Can you wind my strands back
onto the coils from which they came?
Ah, your sharp probe has worked its occult magic,
and with a sucking sigh I am bled out.
Here I lived and breathed
and had my being
in sweet darkness and
salt-borne melodies.
My music has ended,
my dreams have had the shades
drawn down and flicker out,
a cinema of ghost images,
holy nonetheless,
because they were
and are
and always will be.
So wash your hands of my blood,
it’s all right,
I forgive you.


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