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The Face of Evil

Cecile Richards

I saw the face of evil a couple of days ago.  Now I know of course that most people in our secularist, humanist society don’t really believe that evil can be personified, can take real form, can exist alongside us sight unseen, as it were, dabbling in our everyday affairs.  But I truly did see one of the minions of evil the other day, sitting and talking and perhaps even making sense to those in our world who won’t acknowledge that some people among us serve a diabolical master.

I saw Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  She was being interviewed on the PBS News Hour about the court cases on abortion being weighed in the divided U. S. Supreme Court starting this week.

Richards presides over an organization which kills over 400,000 babies in the womb each year.  During her watch, more than two million babies have died from abortions provided by Planned Parenthood.  If that is not chilling enough, we now know without a doubt that Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted babies in order to put more dollars into the coffer.  If you want a baby’s brain, that’s going to cost you $750, as stated by one of Planned Parenthood’s medical directors.  An arm, a leg, a liver, a spleen, a heart ― no problem, if you have the cash.  It’s apparently not enough that the organization receives hundreds of millions of your tax dollars each year from the Federal Government to help fund the killing fields.  They want more, and they’re not shy about profiting from the fruits of this macabre harvest.

So there she is, take a good look.  Evil is not always the glaring red eyes, horns, fiery embers, and acrid smoke of our metaphorical nightmares.  Evil can be much more banal and insidious, even charming.  It can also be a pretty woman with an elegant hair style, a quiet voice, a sophisticated manner, fine clothes, sparkling jewelry, and flawless makeup.

Yet, behind that engaging smile and fashion-conscious sense of style, Cecile Richards is an embodiment of evil in its purest form.  With her rationalistic voice, she seems to make the business of death and destruction just a normal day of work at the office.  She is the public face of a business and political enterprise that engages daily in a genocidal slaughter of babies growing into their lives.  Genocide.  Does that sound familiar?

Yet who pays attention to the banality of evil couched in a smooth demeanor and in euphemistic language that covers the desperate cries of unborn children being eviscerated or torn limb from limb?  Too many of us, I would say.

We should hope that all will listen to the triumphant and evil laughter echoing from the deep and dark side of human existence.


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